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DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C.

The Home of Beauty and Aesthetics

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Proudly Introducing... DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C.

Your Journey Begins Here

DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C., offers premiere discrete Facial Esthetic location in the Charlotte area. We offer the latest treatment in Medical Esthetics such as Botox, Dermal Filler Injections as well as PDO Smooth and Lifting Thread to reverse signs of aging while preserving your beauty. We founded our business with one goal in mind - to make esthetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for everyone desiring to reinvent themselves. Our services while medical aims to maintain a modern, clinical and private settings for all your aesthetic needs. All our treatments and products are FDA and medically approved. The Licensed Medical Injector strives  to understand and exceed our patients’ expectations. Ready to embark on a beautiful journey with us?

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Botox Treatment
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Our Story

Who We Are

Our Nurse Practitioner Divia Smith, is an experienced Clinician with over 20 years in the health industry. She specializes in tailor-made, results-driven beauty treatments using Botox, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers and PDO Threads. As the Owner of DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C., Nurse Practitioner Smith aims to offer health and wellness services/products that will help you feel young, energized and stunning every day. She is detail-oriented, values safety and stays abreast of the best techniques as well as latest treatment developments. If you’re ready for a fresh start - give us a call today for a consultation to find out more about our services and special offers!

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The Mission of DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C.

We’ll Take Care of You

DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C. offers unparalleled service with real results. Using cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical-grade products, every treatment is customized to your specific need to help reach your goals quickly and effectively even instantly with the newest PDO Threads treatment. We’re committed to helping you look and feel your personal best. Our highly professional staff, advanced technology, and comforting atmosphere makes DivaBelleMe,  P.L.L.C. the best choice for your beauty treatment needs.

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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"


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